Seeking Energy Champions!

Dec 13, 2020 | Pawa Atunmankunytjaku

The Pawa Atunmankunytjaku (Looking after Power) project is looking for Energy Champions
in every community on the APY lands, Yalata and Oak Valley.

Change is coming mid 2021 with the SA Government saying people need to help share the
cost of all the power on the lands just like every other community in Australia.

So, we need your help to build an awesome team of 30 local Anangu workers and leaders
young, old, male and female, to visit every house in APY Lands and Yalata/Oak Valley, to
help teach people;

  • How we can all look after our power to make it stronger, fairer and last into the future.
  • Really good ways to keep our houses cool in Summer and warm in Winter.
  • How community and household power is made, used and shared in the APY Lands.
  • How electricity powers all our important things in our homes that help keep us healthy
  • How to keep our power costs down, keep the power on and help each other.

We will form a team together with Ben and Lisa from MoneyMob who will help coordinate
all the workers and all the visits to all the houses.

Together, we will all be doing paid training first at Umuwa in mid-March 2021 to get to
know our jobs and each other.

If you think you might be interested in helping make this big change work for your
community, please contact Ben on ph. 0437 623 502, email [email protected]¬†or Lisa
on ph. 0436 431 789, email [email protected]

Click here to see the job description for more info.


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