Energy Education in Yalata and Oak Valley

Jun 13, 2023 | Pawa Atunmankunytjaku

Following the training in Maralinga, Dora, Denise and Irene travelled with us to Oak Valley to visit all the houses and pass on the information they had just learned. We were lucky enough to catch the rangers before they headed out for the week and the workers provided a group education session.

We were all well received in Oak Valley from the residents, especially since it felt like we were there only yesterday. It seems like the community have embraced the changes especially those who had set up Centrepay from our previous engagement session. The majority of residents had plenty of credit on their smart meters. A couple of residents asked for a refresher course on how to read the meter which we were all happy to do.

One house in particular showed a great interest in energy efficiency and showed us what they had and wanted to know how much it was costing them per hour. The team had the power reader with them and were able to show the resident. The team tested every electrical appliance in the house!

The EEWs were full of excitement letting their friends and family know in both communities they went to Maralinga for training and what they saw.

After visiting all the houses in Oak Valley, we then headed back down to Yalata to visit all of the houses there. 

In Yalata the team were happy once again to be with each other for the roll out of energy efficiency education in their own community. The team decided to break up into two, sometimes they worked in the same area and other times different sections of the community. There was plenty of checking electrical appliances in houses and the residents were grateful for their energy education which was provided by the EEW team.

Nick and Lisa were very impressed in what the workers had learnt from their training and passing onto their own community. Every day Lisa and Nick took direction from the EEW’s recommendation on how the day should be planned out.

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