Training Services

Training Services Overview

MoneyMob Talkabout (MMT) has expanded our services to provide practical, non-accredited fee-for-service financial literacy training.  The training is available to organisations in the Northern Territory (NT), Western Australia (WA), and beyond.  With over a decade of experience in providing financial counselling and financial literacy training in remote First Nations communities, our work is informed by and designed with the continuous collaboration of First Nations people.  We understand that face-to-face training is still important in remote and regional communities, and we’ll travel to deliver it.

We know there is significant un-met need for support in this area, especially for organisations and companies aspiring to support and retain new and existing First Nations staff.  We aim to see financial literacy become a standard feature of Employee Assistance Programs, with the same importance as psychological support.

Our training is specifically intended to support individuals to gain confidence and competence in essential financial life skills. We cater to varying levels of spoken and written English literacy and numeracy, ensuring an inclusive and engaging learning experience.  We can work with a local interpreter, to ensure language is no barrier to learning.

MMT can offer a diverse range of training topics such as taxation, understanding payslips, salary sacrifice, superannuation, banking, gambling awareness, shopping and cooking on a budget, goal setting and saving, individual or family budgeting, financial abuse/humbug, and energy/utility awareness and efficiency.  Flexibility is a cornerstone of our approach, and we can tailor our programs to meet the unique needs of your organisation. For example, by incorporating your corporate documentation to make the learning experience relevant.  We can work in traditional classroom settings or more informal outdoor environments.

Our workshops cater to groups of 10-12 students, ensuring an interactive and engaging learning experience.
For more information or a discussion about your organization’s training needs, please contact our Training Officer on (08) 8953 2410, 0436 431 789 or email [email protected]
We look forward to working with you towards the economic empowerment of First Nations communities.