EEW Team doubles!

Oct 15, 2021 | Pawa Atunmankunytjaku

Last week we ran an additional Energy Education Worker (EEW) training session at Umuwa to train a team of workers to begin home visits in Pukatja and Kenmore Park. We were expecting that about five or six people would be able to attend the training but were blown away when a total of 15 came along! Our EEW workforce has now doubled! 

The group of workers from Kenmore Park, Pukatja, Amata and Indulkana were very engaged with the education materials, and eager to help their communities prepare for the changes.

Training sessions were engaging and interactive, incorporating roleplays, games and prizes. Topics included:

  • Project background and why the changes are happening
  • Where electricity comes from on the APY Lands and why burning diesel is bad for country
  • How electricity consumption is measures and what uses the most electricity in the home
  • Impacts paying for power could have on people and how to share payment amongst the household
  • Understanding and completing employment paperwork, teamwork and confidentiality.

Ruby Hook, one of our current EEWs from Indulkana came along to help deliver the training. Ruby spoke to everyone about her experience of home visits, went through the education materials and assisted with the facilitation of role plays.

13 workers completed the training and were presented with a certificate and their uniform. They will begin visiting homes in their communities in the following weeks.

Check out the photos below.

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