EEW Training in Indulkana and Amata

Jul 16, 2021 | Pawa Atunmankunytjaku

For those who were unable to attend the Umuwa training session in April, the team facilitated a two day training session in Indulkana in late May. A huge thank you to our Energy Education Worker Ruby who attended the Umuwa training and was on hand to assist in the delivery of the training program in Indulkana.

In June, we ran a very successful training session in Amata, with three  attendees. After the training, the three EEWs presented to the local council alongside the RAES team from the SA Government. The EEWs informed the Council on what they were learning and how the first stage of the door knocking would progress. The Council was very pleased with their presentation and has requested they present at the next meeting in August with their outcomes.

Since the training in Amata went better than expected we were able to commence the first stage of the house visits nearly two days earlier than planned! While we were out visiting houses, we were fortunate to recruit another EEW who commenced work on the last day. He will have formal training at a later date but at present is having on the job training which he appears to be enjoying with his peers.

We now have a total of 13 Anangu Energy Education Workers delivering education in their communities.

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