Be ninti about fast loans

Jun 4, 2019 | News, Newsletter

Fast loans can get you into big money problems really quickly!
These loans are easy to get and the money is paid to you fast BUT there can be hidden fees and charges that make you pay back more than you borrowed. 

MoneyMob are seeing a lot of these bad loans causing Anangu worry and stress. If you have a bad loan come and talk to MoneyMob. We have Financial Counsellors who can help sort out the debt. 

A safer loan option is a NILS loans, these loans have no interest and no fees so the money you borrow is the only money you pay back. Come and see MoneyMob about these loans. 

Other options are a Centrelink loan, Centrelink advance or starting a savings account. Savings accounts are good for Christmas, kids birthdays and holidays. See MoneyMob about these options too. 

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