Staff training in Darwin

Aug 12, 2018 | News

In August, Ingrid, Devina and Zeni travelled to Darwin to do the Money Business Kit Training. Here is what Devina had to say about the trip…

“It was a privilege that we were able to attend the ANZ Money Business Kit training which was held in Darwin. I gained so much knowledge and experience during the 2-day training. Being able to interact with the group and overcome my self-confidence as I made new friends who like myself, live and work in remote isolated communities. I had fun just learning and understanding money business in different ways for example – to save, to budget and even learning and understanding the history of money. All cultures have different values about money, for example in my culture, in the last 50 years on the APY Lands, Aboriginal people never had money, they would always trade for food, water, animal fur and never had numbers to count to ten. They would also share as they still share today. In today’s society, money has changed our people and is continuously changing the future of our people and of the way we live as we are still adjusting to the lifestyle.”

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