Our Vision

Aboriginal people and communities are empowered to achieve economic wellbeing and self-determination.

Our Focus

Aboriginal people are equal partners in and co-creators of our practice. We advocate, influence, deliver services, build & share knowledge to tackle inequality.

Our Values

Courage: We are committed to advocating strongly for change and confronting injustices.

Empowerment: We work to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to exercise their agency in their ongoing struggle for autonomy, rights, opportunities and recognition of the inherent value of their culture and communities.

Integrity: Honesty, openness, accountability, fairness and inclusiveness must be at the core of everything we do and are.

Insight: We take reasoned action grounded in our organisational knowledge, evidence and ethics; the wisdom of the people, organisations and communities working alongside us; current thinking and research about what works nationally and internationally.

Innovation: We are an enterprising and agile organisation, motivated to continually improve, adapt and develop inventive solutions that create value and are valued by people.

Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024

Read more about our five year plan including our goals and strategic priorities…